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CiConsulta Diplomatique.Expert GeoPolitical Division is the natural go to private independent geo-political and strategy information and analysis provider.

CI Consulta can offer a cross-border service which together with our inside knowledge and experience working with the EU institutions gives us an edge in the provision of consultancy services.

We draw tailor-made reports, expert advice, focused and as concise or detailed as required, one-off or periodic, robust information documents which alert clients to any important stories and changes so one can formalise,  amend, change or adapt strategies based on information.

Individual Country Analysis – For those seeking expertise on a country or region.

Geopolitical forecasting – For strategic insights and in-depth guidance to stay ahead of the curve.

Risk exposure – A tailored analysis which determines the potential risks when operating within a country.

Situational / event analysis – Useful for when decisions need to be taken in a short time, based upon a holistic overview of a developing situation.