Corporate ID Group

CI Consulta is the advisory arm of Corporate ID Group which is an independent organisation integrating different elements in the communication cycle.

The Group operates a full-scale news media agency that creates, disseminates, and monitors news stories for a varied portfolio of corporate clients. An autonomous PR branch supports other media houses with original content of news value.

Corporate ID Group owns a publishing platform that delivers timely and relevant current affairs from around the world through its publications and its news aggregator Stories take a strong EU dimension and the portal has established itself as a credible source of news on geopolitics and international relations.

Through its activities, the group also incorporates a network of experts and thought leaders from different sectors: academic, business, policy, volunteering. Specialists are clustered around major themes covering a broad range of fields which include economic policy, transportation, innovation, logistics and technology.

A dedicated unit within the Group conducts primary research using the latest scientific methodologies. It also provides secondary research services building into policy documents, position papers and reports.

Corporate ID Group also runs a corporate advocacy initiative that designs collaborative projects between commercial and non-commercial stakeholders that strategically address challenges of social exclusion.