Welcome to Ci Next

Our vision at Corporate ID Group is to create, enable and foster meaningful communities and communications. As our business activity grows, we remain inspired by the precepts of social justice, solidarity, social inclusion, and respect for human dignity.

We often tend the aspect which is strictly linked to our life whether personal, companies or organisations.

This is why the Group has also committed part of its efforts towards supporting the creation of opportunities for a section of the Maltese society to empower some of the more vulnerable people who might be subjected to social exclusion and risk of poverty, including the children, youth and the elderly, enabling them to realise their aspirations and full human potential.

Covid-19 gave the world an opportunity to re-think where we were wrong and time to reflect on what is ‘essential’.

To us, the most essential thing is that we have an opportunity to shape tomorrow by harnessing all the strengths at hand to create and bequeath future generations with the legacy of a more resilient and inclusive Maltese society.

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